Antidote Magazine met up with one of Ottawa’s premiere bartenders, Chloe Vincent, at Fresco’s Guest Room, located at 354 Elgin St, to acquire a recipe. After much persistence, bribes, and flirtations, Ms Vincent finally agreed to give us a sneak peek into one of her signature cocktails,”The Yellow Submarine.” Luckily for us hell didn’t have to freeze over.
Although Chef Jason Brault success may sound accidental, it wasn’t- it was created by a series of risks and realizations, all of which brought him to lead one of the newest and most acclaimed kitchens in Ottawa. Now, Head Chef at Erling’s in the Glebe, Jason shares what he has come to learn about food, the people that consume it, create it and what has opened his eyes after so many years.
Isaac Viner knows a thing or two about cocktails. As a seasoned veteran of Toronto’s craft cocktail scene, Isaac moved back to his hometown of Ottawa and became the Executive Bar Manager at Fresco’s guest room. Each week you can find Isaac at Fresco’s guestroom slinging his barrel aged Negroni’s and all kinds of other creative drinks to keep you tipsy and talking.
June 5, 2014 @ 8:46am by Andrew
What a perfect time of year to start our cocktail of the week selections, where we here at Antidote happily tryout new and interesting concoctions from some of the finest watering holes in the city for you. As an extra we have included the DIY instructions to add to your already deep knowledge of fine drink making!
May 2, 2014 @ 3:47pm by Nana
With Cinco de Mayo around the corner, there’s no question that tequila from all over the world will be consumed in vast amounts. Due to its potency, you must ensure that you drink and choose your tequila wisely. When choosing your tequila for this festive weekend, it’s very important for you to choose a brand that is guaranteed to please the palate of anyone who drinks it straight up, or in one of your favourite cocktails.