Go Fresh, Go Local: Go Urban Pear

The Urban Pear

151 Second Ave
Ottawa, Ontario
K1S 3V3

Tel: 613) 569-9305
Website: www.theurbanpear.com

In recent years, all food trends have pointed to “going local.” But anyone who understands this concept understands that it’s more of that; it is about having a sense of place, a sense of identity, a connection to that which sustains us. Wine and food, are in so many ways the most basic and profound connective forces we have to a simple happiness.

The Urban Pear takes “going local” to another dimension- to foodie heaven, really. Situated in an unassuming corner of the glebe, every single fragment of this meal really is from the country around you. When speaking to local owner, Jeff Frost, he describes this menu as being just as much about the local farmers as it is about their creativity. “The farmers literally come and drop off whatever they’ve picked that morning, whatever is in season and we never know what we’re going to get. And that’s how we create the menu for that day.”

Over the past few months, The Urban Pear has been a hot spot in the Glebe and has been known to serve “The best brunch in town” says Ryan Dumont, a frequent visitor of The Pear.

Brunch is the most difficult meal to execute well in a restaurant, but The Urban Pear makes it look so incredibly easy. With a light and bright atmosphere, a menu made of all local ingredients, complex flavors, excellent presentation and perfectly complimentary morning cocktails to match- they are easily the most ideal brunch destination.

[pullquote align=”right”]Even the coffee is excellent! “I hate when people cut corners on coffee,” says Jeff, “poisioning us with all those toxins. It should be pure and good. We only serve the best here.” [/pullquote] Every morning, fresh local ingredients are delivered ensuring that every dish is the best it can possibly be; a combination of great healthy ingredients and what you really, really want at brunch- like deep fried chicken and waffles! Or a Crab cake benedict with fresh dill, house-smoked salmon, traditional bernaise and a tossed green salad! MMM Yummy!
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