September 1, 2015 @ 11:11am by Nana
artenders aren’t yet celebrities in the same sense as Chefs, but if you’ve been paying attention to cocktail culture over the past few years, there are a few names you’ll continue to hear. As the craft of bartending has continued to rise since the late 90s, the new revival can be traced to the teachings of one man, Mr Dale DeGroff.
anadian Whisky is about to get its due. From the moment Don Draper took a swig of his manhattan, we have become obsessed with bourbon based cocktails. After that, the Japanese swooped in and bought up whisky distilleries from Scotland all the way down to Kentucky, but like everyone else, they slept on the Canadian rye grain.
Last summer, Chef Rich Wilson and his fiancée Lindsay Gordon opened their restaurant “Segue”, in the Glebe. Backed by the guidance of established restauranteur Ion Aimers (of The Works, Za Za Za and Wilf and Ada’s), Segue received positive reviews during its run. As the name implied, Segue served as a transition phase before a massive renovation and eventual reopening as “The Pomeroy House”.
n the hospitality industry, there are men and women achieving great success and using their skills and creativity in so many unique ways. Meet Giancarlo Mancino, master bartender, international bar consultant, and now proud owner of one of the best vermouth brands I’ve ever tasted, Mancino Vermouth. Giancarlo has focused his energy for the past 20 years on helping to improve the quality of hospitality in Europe, and Asia.
While steak tartare first gained popularity in the 19th and early 20th century, it has experienced a renaissance in modern cuisine. While the dish is rather simple to make, it doesn’t come without some serious health risks. For this reason, many diners leave its preparation in the hands of professionals. Beef tartare is daunting, delicious and evokes an instinctive sensuality that only eating raw meat can provide.
March 19, 2015 @ 12:36pm by Andrew
Owe rum’s current run not only created a renewed obsession with shareable Punches and Tiki- fun, but to premiumisation. It has allowed bartenders and mixologist to utilize craftsmanship and popularity of spiced rum and craft rum to attract new drinkers. Rum is a spirit imbued with exoticism but is frequently cast with the same party image as Tequila.