Men’s Spring 2013 Trend Report

Spring 2013 Trend Report

Spring 2013 Trend Report


Floral prints were all over the runway for men. We are going to see lots of prints and even digital prints with a floral like look for men. Flora patterns can be found on jackets, pants, and dress shirts. This trend can help add boldness to an outfit or soften it.

Suggestion: to soften a look think lighter colors for the floral print.


The long jacket

For spring summer almost every designer created their own version of the long jacket. Similar to the jacket found on the runway for winter in terms of length, the spring summer jacket is lighter and not as structured.


Different shades of blue and grey everything

Last winter we saw a lot of grey for men, for spring summer 2013 this trend is still sticking around. We will see a lot of the grey on grey action for suits. This spring mixing and matching of the different tones is encouraged. There are no rules…if its grey you can wear it. What we are also going to see are the mixing and matching of different shades of blues. The trend with grey also applies to the color blue.

Suggestion: Don’t be afraid to mix and match whether it is light grey or dark you can wear it together. Tone on tone is a fashion do!


Blood orange

Pops of blood orange have been all over the runway Alexander McQueen, PRADA, and Ermenegildo Zegna all demonstrated how blood orange can be rocked. Just like burgundy was worn as an accent color for winter, blood orange will be worn the same way. Blood orange brings boldness to an outfit.

Suggestion: Use this color as an accent color don’t over do it, too much of that color can be over powering.


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