“Ooh the world is crowded”. Ruban Nielson makes this seemingly-obvious statement in the centrefolds of Multi-Love, Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s third album. While the world may seem busy and full of different people with different personalities, getting along with others isn’t always a pretty affair. While UMO’s sophomore album II focused on solitary disillusion, such as suicidal thoughts while eating popcorn, Multi-Love turns the tables on the problems with others.
Spawning from the forever-clustered island of Montreal, Airick Woodhead (aka Doldrums) has set himself up for stardom. With his sophomore album, The Air Conditioned Nightmare, arriving in stores April 7th, the progression in his songwriting has become an elaborate business, increasing dramatically since he first began in the music industry. The Air Conditioned Nightmare is a mishmash of several stylizations, ranging from brooding industrial beats (“Hotfoot”) to slow-burning glitch pieces (“Video Hostage”).
Owe rum’s current run not only created a renewed obsession with shareable Punches and Tiki- fun, but to premiumisation. It has allowed bartenders and mixologist to utilize craftsmanship and popularity of spiced rum and craft rum to attract new drinkers. Rum is a spirit imbued with exoticism but is frequently cast with the same party image as Tequila.
Listening to Voices, Phantogram’s latest album, offers an escape for listeners. The dark cinematic music ushers you into the night, into a buzzing mind that is both racing but self-aware. Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter perfectly emulate their music. The duo seems most comfortable talking about time spent in silent countrysides and late night recordings.
If you haven’t been to Osheaga before, your ignorance should not be considered bliss. With incredible performances in the 2013 edition from Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar (the newest member of the ‘should have won a grammy’ club), and the ultra buzz worthy Wild Belle, Osheaga 2013 was an event that truly solidified the festival as one of the best that Canada has to offer.
Kaytranada, a magnet of hype throughout 2013 and into 2014, has been busy in the studio (including time with Diplo), on tour (including across Europe and Holy Ship) and developing a brand that includes a second instalment of jerseys with Montreal’s Superfluous Culture. The world of hip-hop has seen astonishing growth into the fashion world.