Exposing Common Make-up Myths

January 14, 2014 @ 1:38pm by Meredith

Make up artist, Meredith Lyman, dispels 7 common misconceptions about make up. 

Women today have many misconceptions of how make up should be worn, what colours best suit them, and what products work best. I am going to talk about some common myths and answer frequent questions I get surrounding make up.

1. “I can match my foundation to my wrist/hand/cheek”

Foundation needs to be matched to the neck. Your hands have seen a lot more UV damage than your face and tend to be darker. Your face and cheeks can also have some sun damage, as well as discolouration in the cheek area. you should stripe three colours you think are closest to your skin tone at your jawline and choose the one that most closely matches your neck and disappears into the skin. If your make up looks yellow, it is too dark for you. If it appears chalky, too light. You can use bronzer to even things out if your chest is very tanned, making sure to blend very well over the face and neck.

My foundation top picks: Chanel vita aqua lumiere, Bobbi brown luminous moisturizing foundation, Guerlain Parure gold.



2. “I can’t wear blue eye shadow if I have blue eyes”

Nonsense! Blue eyes can look great in blues although I do recommend going for shades that don’t match your eye colour exactly. Silvery blues and navy blues tend to work best in my opinion. It is true that contrasting shades will make your eyes pop more so you may want to try using golds and peachy tones if your goal is to enhance your eye colour.


Mimi from the Drew Carey show may have taken the blue eye shadow to the extreme but if you use it in moderation and with class, you can dispel this myth perpetuated by the iconic sitcom star


3. “I can’t pull off red lipstick”

There are so many shades of red that I guarantee I could find one that suits you. Yes, red lips are always a statement, especially the brighter or deeper hues. Red can be a beautiful contrast to women with blue eyes. If you are afraid of reds, I think choosing a sheer shade is always a good bet and far less striking than an opaque shade.


Ms Lawrence may have received mixed reviews on her dress at the Golden Globes, but one thing is undeniable, the girl can pull off red lips.

4. [heading style=”1″]“I can use a darker foundation colour to make myself look more tanned”[/heading]

Probably my biggest make up pet peeve! If you are fair and want to look darker, don’t do it with foundation. You will just end up with that dreaded jawline mark and an unnatural look to your skin tone. Use bronzer if you want to warm up your complexion and one that is close to a colour you would naturally tan. I like NARS Laguna and Bobbi Brown’s “light” shade because they aren’t too dark and fairly matte. You can also get a good self tanner and apply it very carefully, blending down your neck and chest. It’s a good idea to exfoliate and moisturize before hand to ensure a smooth application.



5. “Pumping your mascara will help it apply better”

I see so many women do this and it is a BAD idea. When you pump your mascara, you push air into the tube and this will cause your product to dry out faster. If you are coming to the end of your tube, you want to gently twist it out.

Top Mascara picks : YSL faux cils, Lancome definicils, Benefit “They’re real”



6. “Use a concealer shade that is one shade lighter than your foundation”

If you do this, you can actually end up highlighting the area you are trying to conceal. If you have darkness, I recommend using a colour corrector. Bobbi Brown makes great ones but I definitely recommend having an artist find your proper shade for you. NARS’ newest concealer is my favourite of the moment. It has a slight light reflective quality that brightens without looking too heavy. Yves St Laurent’s touch éclat is a cult favourite and also great to brighten up the under eye area.



7. “*Insert brand name* has the best make up”

There are a lot of great brands out there. Most of them have their “star” products or several things they do well, but I have yet to find a line that does everything great. I find it odd that a lot of women only use one line and are so hesitant to branch out to other brands. Also, a mascara that works amazing on my lashes may not be the texture you like on yours. So shop around and ask beauty experts what the top selling and best products are for each line and they can show you options that suit you.


All women have makeup questions and there is always an answer. I am happy to pass on my expertise and advice. Any more make up or skincare questions? Email me at Meredith@antidotemag.com


Meredith Lyman is one of the city's most sought after make up artist's. She has been in the industry for over 10 years. After graduating from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, majoring in fine art, Meredith decided to pursue a career in make-up artistry. Her skills and expertise as a classically trained painter extend into her precision as a make up artist. Her experience expands from being a cosmetics and skincare expert into clothing styling and artistic direction on photo shoots. She has worked on several television series as a make-up artist. Including several lifestyle programs on the Food channel and HGTV as well as CTV's Power Play and various other programs. She is also a regular appearance on morning television in Ottawa giving expert advice and tips. She writes beauty blogs for several publications and frequently works with local magazines. Her make-up has appeared in several print/web campaigns in Ottawa, Toronto and Nationally.