“Makeup may come and go, but brush cleaning is forever.”

I know, I know! I already hear you ladies huffing and puffing, but it’s my duty to remind you to clean your brushes and makeup tools at least once a week. Although it may seem like it is too often, especially given our busy and hectic lifestyles, the last thing you want is applying your makeup with tools that are full of bacteria, oil and dirt. Trust me, it is worth it to give your brushes the extra attention they need if it will avoid clogged pores and breakouts!

With the help of the ladies from Bold and Blush PR, I was able to create a cheat sheet for makeup tool maintenance!

Brush Cleaner Spray


If you are looking for a way to cleanse your brushes on a daily basis to help prevent the build-up of bacteria on your makeup tools, try using a Brush Cleaner Spray like the Sephora Collection Daily Brush Cleaner. Made without parabens, sulfates and phthalates, this daily cleaner acts like a conditioning and protecting cleanser for makeup brushes by removing dirt and makeup residue.

[spacer] Weekly Cleansing

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To effectively remove dirt and bacteria, wash your brushes with a brush shampoo or a normal hair shampoo. A favourite for many women is baby shampoo because it is less harsh on your brushes.

How to Clean your Brushes:

1. Rinse your brush under lukewarm water
2. Fill a small bowl with water and add a drop of shampoo. Then, dip the brush tips in the water and make sure that it is not completely submerged!
3. Swirl the brush in the palm of your hand to get rid of any excess dirt and residue
4. Rince the brush tips under running water and make sure that all of the shampoo is cleaned off with no residue by swirling the brush in your clean palm!
5. Softly dry your brush with a cloth.

[highlight background=”#99fffc”]*TIP: Brushes take a few hours to dry. Make sure that you apply your makeup before cleaning your tools to avoid getting stuck in a messy situation![/highlight]

Drying your Brushes

Make sure to dry your brushes upside down or by laying them flat on a cloth to dry. Keeping your brushes standing upright while they are wet will only cause the moisture to seep into the glue that holds the bristles and lead the hairs to fall out! If you are looking for a great way to keep your brushes organized and a faster and more efficient way to dry your brushes, try one of Bella Posh Organizers’ Brush Dryers!

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Ladies, it is now time to show your makeup tools some tender loving care!!!

*Pictures taken from Bold and Blush PR*


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