Following Coachella festivities, we have still not gotten over Festival Fever. Want to stick out this spring and summer? Adopt the versatile 70s style! From louche to rock star, exotic to bohemian, the 70s marked the beginning of change, especially in fashion. Here is another look that you can easily pull off at a festival or on a night on the town. Rock and Roll Chic! Ditch the lace and opt for fringe, don’t be afraid to wear bold statement necklaces, and rock a vintage tee to complete the look!



[list icon=”icon: certificate”]
  • 1- Frame Denim “Le Color Rip Film Noir” Jeans
  • 2- Anine Bing “Bianca Boots” Ankle Boots
  • 3- Glamorous “Black PU Jacket with Fringing”
  • 4- Dylanlex “RYAN” Necklace

Born in London, one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world, there was no doubt that Julienne Styles would end up being an influence of inspiration and style. Fierce, passionate, dedicated and ambitious, Julienne started her career in fashion with the goal of becoming influential and developing an outreach where she can express her creativity and flair. As a fashion stylist, she constantly focuses on motivating the people around her to be daring and outgoing with their fashion sense. For Julienne, clothing equals self-expression, and she wants to help people brighten their personality through fashion and beauty! Making a career out of her dreams and combining her passions and hobbies are her main goals. For the love of black, she is the bubbly monochromatic girl next door, and talking to people who chase their dreams, relating to them and understanding them is more inspiring to her than anything else. Let Julienne Styles inspire YOU, one outfit at a time.