Union Local 613

Union Local 613

315 Somerset Street West
Ottawa, Ontario
K2P 0J8

Tel: 613.231.1010
Website: union613.com

Southern style cooking, when done correctly, is the best comfort food you could possibly have. When I say ‘southern style cooking’ I’m not talking about fried chicken made by a colonel, I’m talking about Yardbird. That’s right; buttermilk fried Yardbird. I’m also talking about catfish with Creole remoulade and double smoked bacon. Sounds delicious even if you don’t know what remoulade means. If this sounds a little out of your comfort zone, I promise it won’t taste that way. Every dish has an immense quality of flavour and I can guarantee that you won’t find southern cooking like this anywhere else in the city of Ottawa.


Union Local 613 is one of the few places in Ottawa that has taken a restaurant concept, and pushed it beyond its boundaries. While designing the restaurant, the owners borrowed décor ideas from the many bars, and local artists, they’ve visited in Brooklyn. With this in mind, maintain the understanding that you won’t feel like you’re on Somerset street when you enter the restaurant. A key to the atmospheric change is in their communal tables. While you enjoy the intense flavours emanating from your Ocean wise fish and grits or your mac and cheese with caramelized onions, your party may be joined by another friendly group of people at your communal table. I used to be someone who didn’t like the idea of ‘communal tables’. What if I was on a romantic date or having an important conversation with a friend or business partner? After experiencing communal tables however, it encourages a social dynamic that is missing in today’s society. The ability to look at a stranger and say hello without feeling threatened. For the most part, everyone respects social mores and customs, while talking about the one thing that brought you all to the restaurant. The food.


If you’re a fan of brown liquor and mixology, this place is definitely for you. The bartenders approach mixing drinks with a barchef’s mentality and can create cocktails that you’ll never forget. The beer menu is a brewers-palate’s wet-dream that flows from knife handle taps that add the most unique touch to any bar in the city. Even if you aren’t there for their succulent menu choices, you will have just as good of a time at the bar and sipping a few.

Searching for a unique bar experience that you truly won’t find anywhere else in the city? Union features a tiny speakeasy located in the basement through the doors of a mock bookshelf. The speakeasy, open long after the dining room has shutdown, is the perfect area for a small group of or a night of one on one conversation.


Union Local 613 is one of those places that will push the envelope in terms of how restaurants operate in Ottawa. With its exceptional service staff, incredible menu, and ambitious owners, Ottawa should be proud to have its area code associated to such high quality southern inspired food.




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