Negroni : A Dynamic Summer Cocktail

NEGRONI - The Dynamic Summer Cocktail from antidotemagazine on Vimeo.

Negroni: the perfect summer cocktail and the drink order that will occasionally get you a funny look from an uninitiated server.
Originating in Italy the negroni is a slow sipping cocktail for lazy afternoons in the sunshine. The cool sweetness of the gin and vermouth cuts through summer heat like Steph Curry through a defense. The bitterness of the Campari encourages small sips, meaning you can enjoy this drink all afternoon.

These characteristics mean that the key to the ideal negroni is the ice. In order to keep the drink chilled while not watering it down a large solid ice cube is best. Large ice cubes allow the drink to remain chilled without watering the drink down by melting away, perfect for sipping on a sunny patio.
Another pro-tip: be sure to rim your glass with that beautiful orange peel garnish. This maximizes the aromatic properties of the orange, enhancing the flavor as you bring the glass up to your nose for each sip.

If it isn’t already the negroni should be your go to cocktail for relaxing with friends and enjoying the sunshine.

[box title=”Negroni Recipe”] 1oz Gin
1oz Campari
1 oz Sweet Vermouth (the red stuff)
Orange peel garnish
1 large ice cube

Method: In a mixing glass pour in Gin, Campari and Vermouth, over
ice, and stir.
Rim tumbler with orange peel place the ice cube and pour in
the cocktail. Add in Orange peel as garnish.