Azealia Banks offers up her chance for most random genre hybrid this week thanks to her cover of The Strokes’ “Barely Legal” from the Is This It? LP. Banks has payed respect to genres other than rap before such as her stellar cover of “Seventeen” by Ladytron and Interpol’s “Slow Hands” (see below for both).
SBTRKT, one of the premiere DJs of the past few years thanks to his killer self-titled debut (2011), has released a live album in vain of the Chemical Brothers, Justice, and the almighty Daft Punk. Above is a video capturing some of the show recorded. The album offers a great taste of what SBTRKT is about live, including a great vocal performance by Sampha, live strings, drums, and mesmerizing visuals which has all been captured by 12 (!)
Justin Timberlake has finally released a new single, 7 years after FutureSex/LoveSounds. The track, titled “Suit & Tie,” encourages the listener to suit up, over sleek synths and references to the soul and funk of the Seventies. A number of references from that era can be recalled, along with Timberlake’s own debut, like a 2013 “Like I Love You.” 
[media url=”″ width=”690″ height=”25″] 2013 will see the flyest female rapper out right now get that much bigger with her debut album, Azealia Bank’s Broke with Expensive Taste. The album has a current release date of February 12th, with a lead single titled “Miss Amor” to, presumably, shake your ass to (considering Banks’ track record).
Katy B made a sleek and twisted debut last year’s On a Mission, whipping up  off-centered urban-dance-pop. “Katy on a Mission,” “Lights On,” and “Witches Brew” were all evidence of Katy’s talent. Now, Katy B has offered her listeners a little Christmas treat: 4 new tracks with a damn impressive line-up of collaborators.
Kendrick Lamar has become the critical darling of rap for the moment, and Gaga’s steals some of that magic by posting this demo of their track “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe.” The song was meant to be on Lamar’s debut LP, but ended up not making the cut for a reason that remains unknown.