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Generally speaking, so many people carry the common conception that to be stylish is to be fashionable. Allow us to remind you that these two terms are not synonymous. In fact; they are quite different indeed. Being aware of this difference is the first step to becoming either. Fashion is what is considered to be current and trendy. It is favored and dictated by leaders of social fashion who develop and market these trends. As an industry that stands alone, its ever changing designs dictate to society what is en vogue or rather, what is nouveau.

Style, on the other hand is the adoption of these trends through your own personal interpretation, and incorporation of elements that bear reference to who you are and what you would like to convey. Ultimately, it is learning when to wear what. Style demonstrates character, is always unique and (if accomplished properly) has the capability to elevate what may be a simple outfit, into a statement that is highly expressive and striking. The best part is, it’s all your own. It is important to remember this difference when putting your outfits together. Bear in mind what is highly regarded while blending that, with highly creative personal flare – and there you have the two central ingredients to great style.


Memorable styles are often demonstrated by those who make ‘fashion statements.’ These are the characters that take boxed in appropriations and shatter the mould. However eccentric, they’re essentially fitting in fashion by standing out. Thinking outside the box and discovering what articulates your personality, is really what highly developed style is all about.


Our mandate is to help you decipher and develop your own sense of style. By interesting suggestions, visual examples and ongoing conversation; we hope to stimulate your creative neurons and transform your sense of style so that you’re well dressed for every occasion. Together, we will dig up and explore cutting edge designs and provide valuable fashion cues to assist in the creation of outfits that are truly befitting of you. After that, it will be up to you.


Shall we begin?

Perhaps the upcoming season has made for a very complicated decision. Well, it doesn’t have to be very complicated. Here are a few infallible suggestions to dazzle up your dress:

Be understated. Keep your outfits relatively simple; remember, you want the attention to turn to you. You should be wearing an outfit- not the other way around. Pay more attention to accessories. A nice watch will go such a long way.

[note color=”#89edf0″]Note Gentlemen, please remember, it is your public duty to smell good. And yes, this has everything to do with style, because stench will overshadow anything you wear. (For the record, axe body spray does not count). [/note]

Wear items that compliment the shape of your body! No matter what is in style, if it doesn’t fit your shape it won’t be doing you any favors. Well- tailored classic cuts have withstood the ultimate test of time. Permitting the item fits properly, classic structure is undoubtedly beneficial. A man’s outfit is never complete with improper footwear. Well- polished leather shoes are a must and will finish your ensemble with ease.


Over the next few issues, it is our goal to create a reference guide for upcoming fashion trends and provide varying creative ideas to help you establish your own sense of style. We hope that these pieces will become a forum for fashionable discussion as well as a reliable, exciting guide into the world of creative dress. We hope to draw attention to exploding new designs, while combining timeless classics to assist you in achieving a wardrobe that’s distinctive and subtly precise. We encourage your questions and your comments, and look forward to both educating and collaborating with you to better express and dress.



Andrew Carter is a well renowned entrepreneur with an extensive background in marketing and specifically, trendsetting. He founded antidote magazine in 2001 and has been Editor in Chief since it's conception. This position allows him to sustain creative control, while still engaging in areas of design, photography, all the while ensuring a high caliber of journalism for the benefit of our readers. As Editor in Chief, his sole mission is to continue to provide you with the most dynamic, smart and compelling national magazine.