What Music ‘Holds On’ To You?

Once and a while a group of artists seems to all have the same idea without trying to. We’re witnessing that phenomenon within British mainstream house singles from acclaimed DJ’s Tourist, Disclosure and Julio Bashmore. The desire to ‘hold on’ seems to be a topic of interest with them all releasing a single with a variation of that title. So which summer tune of love should you be holding on to?

Tourist began his rise to popularity thanks to the melancholic and near-perfect ‘I Can’t Keep Up‘. He’s back with his debut album this summer, guaranteed to fulfill your need for sad dance music. ‘Holding On’ features the vocals of Josef Salvet and Niia. Niia is a singer to check out on her own right already in my opinion, but that’s another discussion. Tourist continues the Garage trend that blew up a few years back with catchy hooks and thumping synths that effortlessly create an atmosphere, a mood. This is pretty much the ‘Holding On’ you play after the sun goes down and you’re with your summer love; guaranteed make-out tune.

Disclosure, the young duo who did the unimaginable (but inevitable) by having a Hot 100 hit and introducing garage and house to USA for the first time in years are back. ‘Holding On’ features Gregory Porter and is the first official offering of their sophomore album, Caracal. Full of incredible vocals by Mr. Porter, the track follows the same patterns we come to know Disclosure for with a touch of Kaytranada’s thumping funk mixed in. Bravo to the duo for seeing Porter’s potential, but that is really all I see of interest here. The track simply doesn’t bring anything new to the table.Every aspect and production element involved could have been done a few years and was arguably done better with earlier Disclosure, Kaytranada and Pomo tunes.

Lastly is the house wiz, Julio Bashmore’s ‘Holding On’ with vocals from Sam Dew. In the first few seconds you can tell this one is different. The track sounds unlike anything else being played, yet familiar, like its being played off a dusty vinyl. Sam’s vocals are smooth and glide in with ease. Then the beat kicks in and summer is here, the sun is out and your hands are above your head. Bashmore offers something unique but accessible. A DJ played this recently as the sun came out at a festival and it was like the sun came out for the damn song.

So there you have it, there is no wrong answer as to which you do ‘hold on’ to. Whether the sweet romantic Tourist track, Disclosure sticking to a formula many have come to love worldwide, or the very dance ready house of Julio. Similar to last summer, the British invasion of dance music continues and doesn’t disappoint. The music is there for the summer ahead, now just find that someone to hold.