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Santigold encapsulates the New Wave genre at its best with her sophomore release. Producers ranging from Diplo, Greg Kurstin and Boys Noize help her weave various influences and styles through a cohesive track-list. The sensation of angst and revolution permeate the eclectic mix.
The hipster favorite, “212” has found it’s way into the mainstream, but Banks is thirsty for more than just a one-off. She continues to slap her listeners with fresh production and a never-ending stream of thought that leads to the belief that this girl’s brain never stops going. Banks soundtracks a hot Saturday night with 1991, but will be back soon to take over the summer with her mixtape Fantastic.
Last spring we were all jazzed up to welcome the sun in some colourful looks provided by Holt Renfrew. Six models, a pile of clothing and some fresh new grass was the setting at the Governor Generals estate in Rockcliffe Park Ottawa. This spring/summer shoot was too much fun as we jumped and sang at our first outdoor picnic of the year.
A former motivational speaker and educator, Sid has been a participant in the fashion world his entire life. He has an ongoing passion for fashion and has now been entrenched in the fragrance world for over two years and has been dubbed by the Ottawa Citizen as “The aristocrat of scent”.
Melissa McMahon, writer & columnist converses with lead singer, songwriter and fashionista Martina Sorbara of the electro-pop band Dragonette. The frigid cold has permeated the air of this empty, dim, run-down bar. It smells of stale smoke and beer, and has a lifeless quality about it; the arcade machines abandoned, the single employee unloading cases of water.
The Rock the Bells Festival Series is the greatest hip hop tour in the world. From its inception in 2004, the tour has grown from one man’s vision to reunite the Wutang Clan on stage, to one of the best known music festivals in North America. Founded by Guerilla Union, the festival that began in San Bernardino California has evolved into a multi-city concert tour that features some of the greatest in hip hop music.