Costa Rica. The Best Place on Earth

August 4, 2014 @ 3:58pm by Stephanie Marcantonio

The Punterenas province, south of Guanacaste, is another must-see part of Costa Rica.

Santa Teresa

Here you’ll find the absolute perfect spot for surfers. Ladies, if you’re looking for surfer boys, you’ve come to the right spot. Santa Teresa is a long stretch of “beaches for days.” You can walk from beach to beach without even realizing there’s a difference between them. Remember, the sunset surf is the best! If you’re searching for accommodation in this part of the country, look no further than Kokua Hostel. It’s affordable, tidy, and it’s the best place to meet people and feel like you’re part of the family.


This famous location is also known as “Montefuma.” After spending a month in Tamarindo, Montezuma gave me the Costa Rican culture I was craving. It’s a tiny but gorgeous hippie town, with beaches and incredible parties at night. It’s a place where you can go to the corner store, buy beer and drink on the streets. Montezuma is also the absolute best place for people-watching. There’s one bar in the entire town and it plays all types of club bangers, including Latin beats. Here’s a tip: practice your Latin dancing prior to visiting this bar! Bonfires in Montezuma are the norm and I met numerous people who have camped out for months on this beach. Montezuma is a great place to catch some fish and cook it over an open fire with friends at night.

Make sure to try the $2 ceviche from the guy on the street. It’s the freshest and most delicious I’ve tasted in Costa Rica.
Montezuma is well-known for its incredible waterfalls. There are three large falls that you can hike along, though this was probably the sketchiest hike I have ever done. I almost died a couple of times, so make sure to ask a local to show you around and guide your climb. The first waterfall is the largest, and I recommend bringing a picnic and watching the locals jump from the top. I do not suggest trying this yourself, as I witnessed a tourist make a nearly-fatal mistake. There is no sunset to be seen here, but there are a number of white-faced cappuccino monkeys hanging around so there’s still plenty of entertainment.

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