Costa Rica. The Best Place on Earth

August 4, 2014 @ 3:58pm by Stephanie Marcantonio

Arenal Volcano/La Fortuna


Did somebody say green? The drive to the Arenal Volcano, located in the northern highlands on the outskirts of Liberia, is one of the most scenic trips I’ve ever experienced. Although the weather isn’t guaranteed to be as tropical as the coast, visiting the Arenal Volcano is a must-do!

Fun Fact of the Day
A lake from the La Fortuna waterfalls, covers an area that used to be the towns of Arenal and Tondadora. The towns were relocated to the northeastern side of the lake because of a violent eruption in the late ‘60s.
For great views and a location right in the rainforest, check out Toad Hall, a small bed and breakfast on the way to Arenal. It’s a good spot to stop for lunch – try the fish tacos.
Feeling adventurous? For about $30, you can rent a boat on the lake and glide as close as you can get to the real, live volcano.
There are many activities to do in Arenal/La Fortuna. For those who enjoy zip-lining, this area is one of the best spots to try it. At the hefty cost of $70, it’s well-worth every penny. You can also find sloths in La Fortuna at the Danaus Private Reserve.

Coco Beach

Want something a little different? Head to Coco Beach, a hidden gem on the coast, north of Tamarindo. Coco Beach is a less crowded, hidden party spot. This is a great option for a night out if you’re staying in an all-inclusive resort on the Papagayo Gulf (as there are many all-inclusive options in this spot). If you hit the bars, make sure you try the local shooter, Chili Guaro, as you can only find them here. Warning: they are quite spicy, so don’t overdo it.

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