Costa Rica. The Best Place on Earth

August 4, 2014 @ 3:58pm by Stephanie Marcantonio

Where to Relax

If you’re looking to just chill out and relax, there’s a gorgeous and very quiet beach called Playa Dantita, located just a short hike from Playa Danta. Here, you’ll have the chance to meet some locals who greet you with “hola” or “buenas” when you walk by. The water is very clear and refreshing, so sit back and enjoy the breeze and the sound of waves crashing against the sand. If you want a mini-respite from the sand, you can take a small hike from the beach in Tamarindo, no car needed. Walk south along the beach until you reach a path that will lead you to a cliff. This is where Tamarindo meets Langosta. The area is very peaceful, with beautiful views of both beaches. You can walk along Langosta for two kilometers, and there are many gorgeous spots to throw your towel down and sunbathe.

Where to Eat

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There are many fantastic, international restaurants in Tamarindo. My favorite was Patagonia, an Argentinian restaurant with an amazing menu and service to match. Try the braised lamb ravioli or any of the steaks, it’s like sexo in your mouth. Make sure you reserve a table in advance as there is always a wait-list.

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Options for more traditional, local cuisine tend to be off the beaten path. You might stumble across them in the middle of nowhere, en-route to a different spot on your itinerary. There are a number of restaurants that look uninviting and dodgy, but often they turn out to be the exact opposite. These are the best options for getting the freshest and most authentic dishes in the country. You must try a local dish called Chifirijo. It’s healthy, cheap and absolutely delicious.

The Best Chifrijo?
The best Chifrijo I’ve had to date was at a little restaurant called La Arena, located in the small town of Filadelfia. You will pass this area if you’re heading to Palo Verde National Park, which is the best place to interact with white-faced monkeys

Where the Ladies Drink

Every night in Tamarindo is ladies night. A variety of bars provide free drinks for women from 10 pm -12 am, and if you want to find out where the hot-spot is, just ask the surfing instructors on the beach. My favorite place was El Garito, an intimate venue that plays incredible, deep house beats. Every Tuesday (ladies night), a guy plays the tams tams alongside the DJ.

Budget Lodging

On a budget? There are many hostels in Tamarindo; however, if that’s not what you’re looking for, there’s reasonably-priced lodging at Hotel Mayana. Mayana possesses that hostel feel without requiring you to share a room or a bathroom. It’s clean, cheap, and has a positive atmosphere.

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