Costa Rica. The Best Place on Earth

August 4, 2014 @ 3:58pm by Stephanie Marcantonio


Otherwise known as “Tamagringo,” this quaint yet internationally-known surf town has fun nightlife and fantastic cuisine. People usually come to “Tamagringo” for one reason: to surf. The following beaches have some of the best waves on the coast.

Playa Langosta

Five minutes by car from Tamarindo, right outside the Barcelo Playa Langosta Resort (the only local all-inclusive resort). You’ll have to cross a river to get to the good spot so be careful and bring a dry bag.


Playa Avallenas

The waves here are a step up from Tamarindo, but not as aggressive as Langosta.

Witch’s Rock

This area is only accessible by boat. Pros can catch big waves here, and there’s even a camp for less experienced surfers. Although there are surf shops and lessons on every corner in Tamarindo, there are plenty of adventures to be had while visiting this area if you’re not a surfer

The Antares Adventure


The Antares Adventure is an atypical catamaran excursion. They use a real, tall schooner and provide the best service you’ll experience in Tamarindo, where you receive all-inclusive adult beverages and gourmet meals throughout the sail. Keep in mind that this is an executive chef and the family operating the ship are all lookers, including the 16 year-old son who is in charge of sailing. He looks like a Latin-American Justin Bieber. You can get your snorkle on or watch the sunset while you sail to the sounds of live music. This is a very chilled-out excursion; however, if there are party people on the boat, good times will be had.


If you’re like me and are terrified of everything that involves the ocean, this is a fantastic experience for you. You do not need a certification to “snuba dive.” You’re attached to a tank that floats on the surface while you can go as deep as 20 feet. It was fun to do it with a group and I saw some of the most incredible sea creatures.

Le Beach Club


The sunsets in Tamarindo are some of the best I’ve seen to date, and a great place to watch them and meet people is at Le Beach Club. They feature fantastic DJ’s who spin during Happy Hour from 4-6 pm, when drinks are 2-for-1. Nothing but incredible vibes and friendly staff here.

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