To Tequila with Love

November 7, 2013 @ 10:46pm by Nana

They say when you meet the love of your life, there’s an instantaneous feeling of certainty. An unmistakable feeling takes hold, stops time and fills your being with an incredibly potent feeling of happiness and attraction.

When I first met tequila, I felt all of this and more. I was obliterated, and the intense feeling of happiness that exuded from my being was unmistakable; it was definitely love. Like many great loves, you can be scarred from the experience. When you put everything you have into a relationship and experience such an intense high, there’s always the danger of being chewed up and regurgitated into a heart shaped box with needles (you mad bro?). Such is the situation with tequila; when you put everything you have into that bottle, shot after shot – regurgitation is imminent.

Tequila should be approached in the same way you would a great relationship. Those who rush things and attack the bond without thought and control are in for trouble in epic proportions. Tequila should be sipped and appreciated; you should only go after the highest quality you can find. If you’ve been burned by tequila, it’s like recovering from a failed relationship: keep an open-mind and realize there are still good ones out there.

One of them is my friend, Milagro; Tequila that will restore faith and integrity in the spirit. Produced from handpicked blue agave, this tequila represents true patience and great devotion. Forged in brick ovens from volcanic rich soil and aged to perfection, Milagro demands a level of respect while you enjoy responsibly. While all the variations are worth a sip, my personal favourite is the Milagro Anejo. Just as it is when you get to know someone, the best part for me when I first tried the anejo, was experiencing the finer details of its key characteristics. At first glance, with the knowledge that it’s a little older than most tequila’s, you expect it to be smoother and less volatile than the younger bar fly counterparts. When you initiate a conversation with Milagro Anejo, you immediately discover the caramel, coconut and chocolate flavor notes. As the night progresses, tobacco and banana notes become apparent and draw you in further for a sweet and spicy finish to your intimacy.

TorontoTequila (2 of 12)small

A leap of faith with tequila as it is with love, can be a scary thing. The chills from the smell of cheap tequila, awkward memories, bad decisions and painful hangovers may have kept you away, but it’s time to enjoy a relationship with tequila in the way the creator always intended. Your renewed faith should start right here, with Milagro Anejo.


[box title=”Sangrita” color=”#333333″]In case you’re wondering what the red liquid is in the 1st and second shot glasses in the title photo, it’s something that true tequila lovers embrace as they casually sip away. Sangrita (‘little blood’ for all of you spanish aficionados), is served in a separate shot glass and consists of leftover juices from a traditional Mexican fruit salad of tangerine, cucumber, papaya, mango and spices such as chilli powder. When sipped after each taste of tequila, sangrita enhances the subtle notes of the tequila while cleansing the palate and removing any after taste. Sangrita is typically served with blanco tequilas, which are typically more volatile, but it is my humble opinion that it should be enjoyed with any and all tequilas from reposado all the way to the joven varieties.[/box]

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While bartenders and tequila drinkers tend to mix the passionate spirit into citrus based cocktails, feel free to go against the grain and get creative with tequila. A fantastic example of a drink that will ease you back into the fold is the Agua de Coco from Toronto’s newest Mexican-style tapas restaurant, ‘El Catrin Distileria.’ Using coconut water as a primary ingredient, you will be hard pressed to believe that this base liquor is the same one that led you to ruin your best friends going away party. Here are the simple ingredients:


Agua de Coco

Patron Cafe or any coffee based tequila
Coconut water
Lemon. [/note]

As always with anything alcohol related, please enjoy responsibly.



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