[note]Noah Venkatarangam recently released the cinematic and whimsical album Wonderheart. The rich production and theatric vocals bring you to a world of Noah’s own inspired creation. Antidote had the opportunity to sit down with the artist to discuss his music and his upcoming show at Mercury Lounge (on May 31st).[/note] Could you give us a brief history of how you started with singing, how has the journey been?
SBTRKT, one of the premiere DJs of the past few years thanks to his killer self-titled debut (2011), has released a live album in vain of the Chemical Brothers, Justice, and the almighty Daft Punk. Above is a video capturing some of the show recorded. The album offers a great taste of what SBTRKT is about live, including a great vocal performance by Sampha, live strings, drums, and mesmerizing visuals which has all been captured by 12 (!)