Hyped & Ready to Conquer The music industry today is not the same as previous generations. Artists are discovered fast. Fan bases develop early and grow internationally at the same rate a town would’ve once learned of a band playing in a garage down the street. Social media and the unfathomable number of music blogs have made the competition fierce for acclaim and success, but also allows the strongest to survive and proposer at a quickened pace.
Azealia Banks offers up her chance for most random genre hybrid this week thanks to her cover of The Strokes’ “Barely Legal” from the Is This It? LP. Banks has payed respect to genres other than rap before such as her stellar cover of “Seventeen” by Ladytron and Interpol’s “Slow Hands” (see below for both).
[media url=”http://antidotemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/12/01-BBD.mp3″ width=”690″ height=”25″] 2013 will see the flyest female rapper out right now get that much bigger with her debut album, Azealia Bank’s Broke with Expensive Taste. The album has a current release date of February 12th, with a lead single titled “Miss Amor” to, presumably, shake your ass to (considering Banks’ track record).
After the stupendous insanity that is Mykki Blanco’s new mixtape, here comes Le1f, once again, with his own EP Liquid. Le1f has started to garner a reputation for his avant-garde rap, most notably due to his sexuality, one of the upcoming gay rappers of the NYC scene. His previous mixtape Dark York received some major hype, which has allowed the even more twisted beats of Liquid.
Azealia Banks has developed a fresh sound that has been acclaimed since her debut, 2011’s “212.” Fantasea is Banks’ full-length debut after singles, leaks, and an EP. The mixtape never gives the listener a chance to catch their breath. It is a party in a .zip folder. Full of Banks’ recognizable house beats, ever-changing production, and mixture of a mile a minute flow and Nineties r&b singing, referencing Aaliyah or Lauryn Hill.
The hipster favorite, “212” has found it’s way into the mainstream, but Banks is thirsty for more than just a one-off. She continues to slap her listeners with fresh production and a never-ending stream of thought that leads to the belief that this girl’s brain never stops going. Banks soundtracks a hot Saturday night with 1991, but will be back soon to take over the summer with her mixtape Fantastic.