There are plenty of terrifying moments in David Robert Mitchell’s It Follows, one of the best horror films of the last decade. There are a couple of effective jump scares, though the blank look on one character’s face following one of them suggests Mitchell isn’t too keen on them himself. No, the film gets a lot of horrifying mileage out of people just walking toward the camera, perhaps never more brilliant than in a 720-degree pan in a high school with someone walking toward them from outside only to be forgotten about and never confronted.

[spacer]Alexander Wang has just released a denim collection.The designer released two photos of German model Anna Ewers lounging in the buff with a pair of AW jeans rolled around her ankles and a very revealing shot censored only by the model’s hand.
It feels like just the other day Wang released a collection for H&M and that has already come and gone, and now this?
Pop up stores are always a risk, but they provide a valued glance at the talent and vision that are in your city. Recently well renowned tailors Shaka Maidoh & Sam Lambert of Art Comes First Collective joined forces with Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus to open a pop up store last Friday in New York.
This is a festival I’ve always wanted to attend but being the busy bee that I am has prevented me from doing so. Unfortunately for me, this years festival will end up on the list of events I wish I attended but if you’re planning to get on down to Worthy Farm all the way out in the UK, you’ll be one happy camper.
If you haven’t been to Osheaga before, your ignorance should not be considered bliss. With incredible performances in the 2013 edition from Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar (the newest member of the ‘should have won a grammy’ club), and the ultra buzz worthy Wild Belle, Osheaga 2013 was an event that truly solidified the festival as one of the best that Canada has to offer.