Three Videos That You Should’ve Seen Already (Or You Better Now)

October 30, 2012 @ 4:01pm by Aaron
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First up, The Weeknd’s “Rolling Stone.” The Weeknd has already proven to be a master of image and marketing, he tells you only what he deems worthy of sharing with you. Here, he provides his face and all that it can reveal while emoting a song like “Rolling Stone.” Abel Tesfaye discusses the video in an open letter to his fans:

“Because I am a man of few words, I chose to make a viral video to show you how I felt and where I stand. I usually don’t like to ‘spoon feed’ my audience because I grew up idolising story tellers who tell stories using symbolism, so it was in my nature to do the same. The Rolling Stone video takes place in a dimly lit studio which represents the two worlds I have been stuck in. The gloomy side represents the mainstream world while the other side represents the underground. The girl holding on represents you.”

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M83 are becoming the go-to band for constructing a world of innocence and childlike imagination, just check out “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” or their live performances, full of mystical lights and passionate songs. “Steve McQueen” encapsulates this whole concept of the group as we follow a boy in a yellow suit through an imaginative place.

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Lastly, here comes the brilliantly cool Sky Ferreira with “Sad Dreams,” by second favourite track from her new EP. The clip finds Sky roaming the country with a mystery man, whether her father, a lover, we don’t know. “Sad Dream,” like the sound itself, finds Ferreira branching out with a dirtier and natural-lit setting with her shooting guns, and driving down dirt roads (New Yorker’s DON’T drive!). It’s a fitting video, and my undying love for this girl may becoming clear…