The XX & Jessie Ware Strip Down Pop’s Best

Yesterday, for Valetine’s Day, two of the most mesmerizing UK acts gifted the world with stripped down covers of Pop’s biggest songs with stunning and emotional results.

The XX tackle the subtle and overlooked Beyonce songs “I Miss You.” The track is written by none other than Grammy winner and everyone’s current favourite, Frank Ocean. So what you’re about to listen to includes Beyonce, Frank Ocean, and the XX… is there anything else to say?

The group tackles the track with an effortless, soft and touching manner that would make Bey and Ocean proud.

The xx – I miss You
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Jessie Ware is still being introduced to North America, but has made her name in the UK with her stunning debut Devotion. Below you can hear her take on Rihanna’s “Diamonds.” Artists LOVE tackling Rihanna’s hits, from Bat for Lashes, Zola Jesus, Coldplay, etc. everyone wants to present a fresh look at the hits we all know so well by the star. Ware does a wonderful job that never tries too hard, but simply relays the power of the lyrics. Beautifully done.

Jessie Ware – Diamonds (in the Live Lounge)
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