Grimes has been on a tear since releasing her latest masterpiece Art Angels. In this video “Kill V.Miam” Grimes plays a gang leader singing amongst masked dancers in what seems to be an abandoned Subway Station in a post Underground transit era. Instead she opts to ride with her girls in a flying car and head to what seems to be a blood soaked zombie rave( My favourite Clip).
Authenticity is a rare find in our world today, a world that shrinks everyday as we connect more than ever before, we compare and contrast cultural entities and seek out walls of influences or inspiration. Few artists have found their own niche of genuine identity and musical output. Zhala Rifat, a new artist from Sweden, offers a look into her own world, untarnished by label pressure and Western conventions.
Tove Lo is prepping the release of her debut LP Queen of the Clouds. The album follows the hit song “Habits (Stay High)” and her latest single “Not On Drugs”. Antidote chatted with the young singer-songwriter back in May and we look forward to more universal anthems of love and loss from Lo with her debut.
Charli XCX is practically a pop veteran after only a brief time in the spotlight thanks to her ever changing (but still cohesive) discography that’s gone from the dark electro pop of “You’re the One”, to the Tumblr-esque mashup of sounds featured on her debut LP True Romance, her turn as a hook girl on the inescapable “Fancy”… not to mention writing “I Love It” and her own summer hit “Boom Clap”.
[note]Noah Venkatarangam recently released the cinematic and whimsical album Wonderheart. The rich production and theatric vocals bring you to a world of Noah’s own inspired creation. Antidote had the opportunity to sit down with the artist to discuss his music and his upcoming show at Mercury Lounge (on May 31st).[/note] Could you give us a brief history of how you started with singing, how has the journey been?
This spring and summer you will no doubt encounter Ben Khan’s crunchy, organic Prince-esaque jams. The London-native has just released his debut EP, 1992. Songs such as “Youth” collect textures and sounds that will wash over you like a million memories of songs on the radio during sweet road trips; a funk like Prince, a register clink like M.I.A.