The fog descended slowly, the coloured lights piercing through it, shining Will Wiesenfeld’s face with their glow as he thrashed around the stage in a way you might not necessarily expect him to. The thing about music festivals, especially one that mostly takes place at various venues in downtown Toronto, is that sets are universally short and one of many in the area.
[media url=”” width=”690″ height=”380″] [note] Set List – Zola Jesus at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. April 6, 2013 Avalanche Hikikomori Stridulum Collapse Trust Me Lightstick Sea Talk In Your Nature Shivers Seekir Lick the Palm of the Burning Handshake Night Ixode Vessels ————– Poor Animal [/note] For clips of Zola Jesus performing, please check Lucas’s YouTube Channel.
Yesterday, for Valetine’s Day, two of the most mesmerizing UK acts gifted the world with stripped down covers of Pop’s biggest songs with stunning and emotional results. The XX tackle the subtle and overlooked Beyonce songs “I Miss You.” The track is written by none other than Grammy winner and everyone’s current favourite, Frank Ocean.