The Most Random But Awesome Remix This Week

So when you think of Passion Pit, you may think twinkling sounds, high falsettos, whimsical worlds of heartbreak, love, melancholy, etc… you may just think of that advertisement with “Sleepyhead” in it, or their festival appearances all over the world.

I doubt Juicy J (of Three 6 Mafia & “Bandz a Make Her Dance” Fame) comes to mind.

The label mates have joined together on a remix to the Gossamer highlight “Constant Conversations“. The track works well after the initial shock melts away for a relaxed track that places both artists into new realms with great results. Although I didn’t expect “pussy” and “ratchet” to be ever uttered in the tender songs by Passion Pit, Juicy J’s flow is smooth and smart blending into the original, which will leave both the indie lovers and rap fans equally ready to hit replay.

Juicy J has been busy as for late, possibly thanks to the success of “Bandz…” with a single featuring the Weeknd released titled “One of Those Nights,” the humorous “Lolly” with Maejor Ali & Justin Bieber, Eve’s “She Bad Bad (Remix)” and many MANY more features. J’s album Stay Trippy will be released this spring.

Meanwhile Passion Pit continue to tour and promote their latest LP, Gossamer, which debuted at number 4 on Billboard last summer.

One of Those Nights
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She Bad Bad (Remix)
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