NDMA’s Been Thinking About Your Daughter

NDMA is bringing a little bit of style, a little swag, and a little sex to Ottawa’s music scene. The DJ, rapper, and Concrete Runway host has just graced up with another slick video directed by Michael Cumming. While last time it was all about the club and the shots with “Whiskey,” this time things are a little more relaxed, a little more island-r&b flavour… but still, “she wants to dance.” The video follows the (sometimes) dreaded act of meeting the parents, when all the girl wants is to get a little freaky in the club, which the viewer naturally gets a chance to witness by the end. The track, “Daughter” shows the versatility of NDMA’s sound while always offering up a hook that the listener just can’t resist.

Kalina Sutaroski as your daughter

Kalina Sutaroski as your daughter

If you have yet to have the privilege of checking out one of NDMA’s sets around Ottawa, it must be on your to-do list while in the capital. The style will always be fresh, the beats will always be dirty and unexpected. “Daughters” give you a great taste of the twisting of genres that NDMA is capable of producing, so be sure to check out other remixes and tracks including his newest remix of Frank Ocean’s inescapable “Thinking Bout You” which would be sure to have someone like Switch jealous of the laid-back and sparkling soundscape. Check out “Thinking Bout You (NDMA Remix)” below and download throughout soundcloud.

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