Hey guys, it’s been a minute since the last video playlist so we thought we’d start 2017 with a little more consistency. Obviously there has been other things that have been occupying or minds, airwaves, T.V screens and Facebook feeds. I dare not mention his name, giving him any more attention than he deserves.
It’s been a great summer holiday for us here at Antidote, but we’re back to work now 🙁 Here are some of the latest new videos that we’ve pull for August so far. We’ll be back with another one in 2 weeks. [youtube url=”https://youtu.be/LsA84bXrBZw” height=”480″]http://youtu.be/uxtc8JawP2g[/youtube] [spacer] [youtube url=”https://youtu.be/WfqDSnCkaro” height=”480″]http://youtu.be/uxtc8JawP2g[/youtube] [spacer] [youtube url=”https://youtu.be/-2KUVvjeMkk”
The concept of a doppelganger isn’t anything new in the world of film. We’ve been accustomed to what would play out if there was another exact replica of ourselves. Most of the time, the results aren’t pretty. Take a look at Denis Villeneuve’s recent cinematic mind-melt Enemy for example. In the music world, doppelgangers don’t have as much of a presence.