Escapade Music Festival

The city of Ottawa is supposed to be quiet, regulated, and clean. It’s supposed to be populated by government officials, young families, and the elderly. Based on these popular misconceptions, the city of Ottawa is not supposed to have one of the fastest growing music festivals in North America either, but it does, and you need to be there.

Escapade Music Festival, produced by the promotion group known as ‘DNA Presents’ has been one of the top festivals in Canada during its 5 year existence. With the festival falling on Canada day weekend each year, the numbers and the festival’s reputation has continued to experience steady growth. In the early years, Escapade was located in the downtown core of Ottawa featuring major music producer ‘Tiesto’ at the helm. Last year, Tiesto made a triumphant return with numerous heavyweights in the EDM landscape, while the event stretched from one day, to three. Now, in its 5th year, Escapade has added an extra day, continues to push the envelope by moving to the Rideau Carleton Raceway and has included camping as an option, along with VIP bottle service, and a club series on June 30th with multiple venues. The festival is also providing free shuttle bus services at various locations around the city of Ottawa. The festival, once confined to Ottawa’s downtown core, is taking the necessary steps to become a force for years to come.


As avid fans and regular promoters of Electronic Dance Music, the boys at DNA have managed to produce an exceptional lineup each year. As the festival continues to grow, Escapade has become one of the must-attend events of the summer. If the success of 2013’s festival is any indication, Escapade will be a mainstay in the nations capital for years to come.

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