When the sun comes out, so do the legs. With many different styles of shorts to choose from, here are some splurge or save options and key suggestions to play up your shape when picking shorts for this summer. Regardless of your body shape, the shorter the shorts, the longer your legs will look.
SHIMMERING SUMMER DANCE TRACKS by Aaronantidote on Mixcloud Canada can be a dark, cold and damp place to live for a good chunk of the year. When summer hits though, us Canadians do it up right. We take advantage of those sunny days and short nights. We race to patios, we explore the wide stretches of forest, we find that summer lover, and most importantly (in my mind)… we dance.
As I write the temperature outside is in the high thirties, before accounting for the humidity. It is in these moments that one realizes “seasonal cooking” has as much to do with the techniques used to prepare the food as it does with the ingredients available at that time of year.
You feel your skin sizzle as the heat rays from the beating sun turn your skin into a crisp brown. A bead of sweat trickles down your brow and as others follow suit, your mouth begins to feel dry while your throat quenches for something icy cold to drink. This sensation is a constant reminder that we have officially entered summer time!
Mykki Blanco has already generated much hype as a fashion-forward, multi-talented, multi-gendered artist. We’re here for her rap more than acting, poetry, or modelling right now, in part due to her incredible ability to make a mix tape that any other rapper would kill for due to the fact that the production is what 2013 should sound like.