PHD student, Luis Hernan took a break from his studies in interactive design and architecture at Newcastle University, to explore the relationship between humans and the wireless network around them. Using coloured LED lights on an apparatus that picks up usually invisible wireless networks, participants would move their wireless devices around them and Hernan photographed the beautiful but haunting light formations.
See the impact a genre of music can have on culture through the photography exhibit 40 Years of Hip Hop Photography being held at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. Curated by Che Kothari & Ryan Paterson, the exhibition collects works by photographers including Ernie Paniccioli, Jonathan Mannion, Matt Barnes and Janette Beckman, among many others.  
[highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]The inspiration [/highlight] for this shoot is based on ‘Rain City Vancouver’. Since I moved to the Wet Coast (from Ottawa) I’ve seen my fair share of wet hair. It’s fascinating how a little rain can manipulate the hair into various textures of effortless beauty – so why not rock the look instead of frantically running the next time you forget your umbrella at home?
All Things are Temporary; Photography and Duality How are we meant to feel when confronting the photographs of others? So easily embedded in our culture through the means of Instagram, Facebook, camera phones and the internet; much of the initial theory surrounding photography is lost in the mainstream appropriation of this medium.