This is a festival I’ve always wanted to attend but being the busy bee that I am has prevented me from doing so. Unfortunately for me, this years festival will end up on the list of events I wish I attended but if you’re planning to get on down to Worthy Farm all the way out in the UK, you’ll be one happy camper.
As we continue to find inspiration for our appearance through the latest trends from New York Fashion Week, the hippest street style and runway collections, let us not forget who the designers themselves tend to take inspiration from; the rockstar. The majority of major fashion houses have used the musically-gifted for runway shows and ad campaigns.
M.I.A dropped, very quietly, a new track this week titled “atTENTion.” The track follows the sonic route she has travelled as of late; auto-tune, club-ready beats, digital bleeps, and more ambiguous lyrics and discussions of her life. Whether this is a preview of what is to come with “Paul Simon on acid” is yet to be distinguished, so for now, just enjoy another sick offering from the international and controversial pop star.