Listening to a band’s first release is a lot like the aftermath of a first date. Best case scenario you find yourself in total bliss, eagerly wanting more, worst case scenario you feel bitter and betrayed. With that being said, Wild Love’s debut self-titled release falls very much in the first of those scenarios.
Although they’ve only been around for a short time, Ottawa based band PINE is already tearing up the local scene. Having already headlined their own show and opened for the internationally acclaimed Balance and Composure, PINE is showing us just how good Ottawa’s music scene can be. It’s hard to pinpoint PINE’s specific genre.
Do you recall that thrilling sensation, when for the very first time you discovered a song or an artist that was seemingly elusive, unknown- daringly original? The first moment you (and seemingly only you know) about an artist with very few, very dedicated fans; the one who is so unlike anything you hear your friends listening to, no it is infinitely better.