Generalizations are made when it comes to a person releasing music under their own name. Though they are usually a crucial part of the music-making process, they are not always the sole contributor to the overall sound. Such is the case with Jenny Ritter, the conductor in a grand orchestra of indie folk music.
Although they’ve only been around for a short time, Ottawa based band PINE is already tearing up the local scene. Having already headlined their own show and opened for the internationally acclaimed Balance and Composure, PINE is showing us just how good Ottawa’s music scene can be. It’s hard to pinpoint PINE’s specific genre.
Sky Ferreira is a difficult woman to explain to those who don’t know her… yet. She is practically a veteran of some fashion cliques, indie circles, hipsters, etc. A model, a singer, an actress in a new film by Grant Singer titled “IRL,” and the list goes on. While many 20 year old vocalists would jump for the chance to work with an A-list producer or co-writer, Ferreira has already worked with some of the best.