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September 30, 2015 @ 11:44am by Nana
[dropcap size=”5″]A[/dropcap]ny fashion forward individual knows that the right piece of jewelry can enhance any outfit. Whether you’re rocking a t-shirt with a sexy pair of jeans, or you’re heading out for a glamorous evening with a gown, the right statement piece will help you stand out from the rest. One woman who understands this maxim all to well is Lindsay Graham, the owner of Zinnia West, an online boutique that curates high quality pieces from all over the world. We caught up with Lindsay to find out more about her love of jewelry and the powerhouse she’s developing with her Zinnia West brand.


Can you tell us about who you are? What superpower do you possess?

I have always had a passion for jewelry and I love how a beautiful statement piece can make you feel. Jewelry is a fun way of expressing your own sense of style and I always find it amazing that wearing the same outfit twice while changing up the accessories can make it look like a brand new outfit. If I did have a super power, I would use it to empower women to feel beautiful and to explore their personal styles.  

For those of our readers who aren’t familiar, can you describe Zinnia West, and what you do? What’s in the name?

Zinnia West is an online jewelry boutique that specializes in curating high quality, fashion forward jewelry at affordable prices. We are based in beautiful Vancouver, BC, but we sell products to customers around the world. The name Zinnia West has a lot of meaning to me. Zinnia was the street I lived on when I first moved to the West Coast. I knew I wanted a second word in the name, so that is when my family started pitching in ideas. There were so many different possibilities floating around, but West just stuck, and made sense. So, it has been Zinnia West ever since!

A lot of women have a love affair with jewelry, but only a few decide to go into the business of providing it to others, what led to the decision for you to do so?

Well, last year I was 29 and quickly approaching 30. I started thinking more and more about how I have always wanted to own a boutique. I thought what better way to bring me into my 30th year than to try to make my dreams come true. Opening a business is scary. You have no idea what the outcome is going to be, but I was ready to take the leap. While many people feel comfortable in a stable 9-5 job, opening a new business doesn’t provide the same stability. The entrepreneur in me knew the risks, but I felt the benefits of owning my own business at 30 outweighed them.  

Who is the Zinnia West woman? 

The Zinnia West woman is stylish, confident, and loves accessorizing. She values quality and has high expectations for the products she buys. We provide everything from bold, colourful pieces that are perfect for making a statement, to delicate necklaces for when you want a more minimalist look. The Zinnia West woman could really be any woman in any country who loves feeling beautiful and enjoys enhancing her outfit with a piece of jewelry.  

Starting a business is no easy feat, and Zinnia West has caught on very quickly through social media and word of mouth. What steps have you taken to arrive at this point so quickly?

I think that understanding the importance of social media was a big piece of the puzzle. Since my boutique is online and my customers can’t physically touch my products before purchasing, I put a big emphasis on posting stunning images on social media to really capture the quality and beauty of my products.

Since business has started, have there been any struggles in terms of balancing the professional and personal life?

There haven’t really been any struggles, but since I run this business fulltime and due to the nature of starting a new business, my personal life and professional life are now one in the same!

Can you describe the selection process? What’s a typical day like for you and the Zinnia West team?

The selection process goes pretty much like this: if I don’t think a piece is of the highest quality and I personally wouldn’t wear it, then I can’t stand behind it and therefore I won’t sell it. When I select a product for the store, I have to love everything about it. A typical day consists of answering emails, reviewing and packaging new orders, spending time on social media, PR initiatives, and searching for the next products we want to include in our store.

When it comes to jewelry, what’s your personal style? Is there an accessory you can’t live without?

I personally love a big statement piece. I like wearing our statement necklaces dressed up for a night out, paired with a knitted sweater or even with a simple tee. I don’t think statement pieces require a special occasion to justify wearing them. I’m happy to wear them just going for a coffee with a friend. I tend to never leave the house without earrings and I can’t live without a great necklace to complete my look.

The focus is currently on women’s jewelry, but is there another branch you would love to expand to once Zinnia West truly finds its stride?

Women’s scarves are something we would like to look into more in the future. But for now, our passion lies in jewelry. Who knows what the future holds!  

Where do you want Zinnia West to be in the next 5 years?

I want Zinnia West to be a name that is associated with high quality fashion accessories, suitable for every-day looks. I see us in upscale retail boutiques and bridal shops across North America within the next five years.

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