J.T. Celebrates Valentine’s Day With The ‘Suit & Tie’ Video Release

Justin Timberlake follows up his Bruno Mars-ish retro vibes with the video for “Suit & Tie.” The song has received mixed reactions, but the public has ate it up leading to another hit for Mr. Timberlake. The video, directed by David Fincher, follows a Las Vegas act celebrating the best life has to offer in the materialistic and sexiest of ways. Other than a few product placements, showgirls, and studio time, the ‘Sexyback’ singer brings his slick dance moves on a polished stage. Jay-Z, who ruled the Grammys in my opinion, plays Timberlake’s buddy in the track with his usual swag and class.

Justin is pulling out all the promo now as The 20/20 Experience gets closer to it’s March 15th release date. “Mirrors,” an 8 minute profession of love has been released for a taste of the album and it’s sounding extremely FutureSex/LoveSounds -like… which is either a great thing (for those still in love with the 2006 LP) or a let down for something a little different from the N*SYNCer. Either way the public and myself will all be giving the album a spin or two in the next month cause Timberlake’s track record is impeccable at this point.

[media url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U41KPUfOSFk” width=”690″ height=”380″]