This spring and summer you will no doubt encounter Ben Khan’s crunchy, organic Prince-esaque jams. The London-native has just released his debut EP, 1992. Songs such as “Youth” collect textures and sounds that will wash over you like a million memories of songs on the radio during sweet road trips; a funk like Prince, a register clink like M.I.A. and a smooth R&B voice, to name just a few elements. There is an accessibility that his contemporary Jai Paul has not yet harnessed. While Paul builds beautiful collages of audio art, Khan is ready for his radio hit in the vein of MGMT’s debut songs. By which I mean a unique and carefree track like “Savage” or “Youth” that sounds like nothing else but is so damn smooth and so catchy you can’t help but be infected. Do yourself a favour and start your summer off right with this slice of funky pop.

Listen to the 1992 EP below and but the EP here.