Hotel Gault: Modern Space in Old Port

January 2, 2013 @ 9:38pm by Andrew
Hotel Gault

449 Rue Sainte-Hélène
Montreal, Quebec
H2Y 2K9

Tel: 514.904.1616


Montreal’s Old Port offers visitors to the lively metropolis a taste of class and elegance that reflects the strong heritage of the city, dating back to the 1600s. Hotel Gault has captured both the traditions of the city and sophistication of the Old Port district, while incorporating a fresh twist of contemporary life. The hotel’s structure dates back to 1871, a rich and detailed exterior welcomes those exploring the lively neighborhood that if filled with the finest restaurants, bars, shops, and art. Hotel Gault continues that sensation of rich and fresh tastes found in the streets with a select number of suites that enable spacious and fresh rooms that instill a sense of relaxation and home. In short, the claustrophobic would thrive within these spaces. Each room is tailored with fine woods and clean, inviting fabrics that present a modern sanctuary. The only thing finer than the interiors may be the views one looks out onto through the numerous windows that fill the spaces. Hotel Gault brings a warm and uncluttered refuge from the decadent and fascinating streets that lie at one’s feet within Old Port.


The amenities offered by the hotel are numerous and gracious. The attendants are warm, but allow each guest to make Hotel Gault their home; whether through the rich and cozy den, with an impressive library within; delicious and simple cuisine to satisfy any appetite; or the shared balconies that offer up views worth more than a night’s stay. Hotel Gault’s most stellar quality must be the suites themselves, the space offered, the soft linens set, the magnificent baths that some could spend the entire trip within, and the knowledge that the street below are not bustling with business men and stressed citizens, but instead flow with men and women transfixed by the beauty of the neighbourhood and the little shops and boutiques that lay within each bygone building. The guests of Hotel Gault are offered to stay in one of Montreal finest neighbourhoods without feeling they must sacrifice space or comfort to dwell in such a privileged district of one of Canada’s greatest cities. The hotel brings fresh taste and luxury to parallel the district’s warmth and creativity. Hotel Gault will be a treat to guests as they stroll through Montreal and have the ease of such a sanctuary always right around the corner.



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