Grimes has been on a tear since releasing her latest masterpiece Art Angels. In this video “Kill V.Miam” Grimes plays a gang leader singing amongst masked dancers in what seems to be an abandoned Subway Station in a post Underground transit era. Instead she opts to ride with her girls in a flying car and head to what seems to be a blood soaked zombie rave( My favourite Clip).
We are well into the summer and the temperature is sweltering, there is nothing better to do but be lazy and de-stress. This monthly mix comes to you from Sergio Pari, he’s an Antidote staff favourite. I’m sure if you’re by the pool today turn this up loud and enjoy! SERGIO PARI – DAMSEL IN DE-STRESS – A MIX FOR ANTIDOTE MAGAZINE SUMMER 2015 by Antidote_Magazine on Mixcloud
Listening to a band’s first release is a lot like the aftermath of a first date. Best case scenario you find yourself in total bliss, eagerly wanting more, worst case scenario you feel bitter and betrayed. With that being said, Wild Love’s debut self-titled release falls very much in the first of those scenarios.
Hannah Cohen has emerged into the pop stream with a sense of truth and vulnerability. Her genre of sad tunes glued together with sweetly-strung jazz bits mould her music’s sound. With her debut hit Child Bride, Cohen configured a statement through anthems of despair. On her new album, Pleasure Boy, Cohen walks with a similar stride as she improves her dynamicity.
With a frantic, headbanging, hard partying sound, Acid Priest has already made an impact on the local Toronto music scene. The four-piece band hailing from Stouffville, Ontario has been around for less than a year and already they’ve accomplished feats that bands take years to do. Their first LP, Outta Control, was released in mid January, in March they toured southern Ontario with Ottawa locals Old Rules, and now on May 7th they’re playing alongside Monster Truck for Canadian Music Week.
Playing alongside local hardcore and punk acts, hip-hop group The Adding Machine is bringing a new and raw approach previously unseen in the Ottawa rap scene. The trio, comprised of E.on, Defckon, and Yuukon, recently released their first full length entitled + + +. While it’s easy to draw comparisons to other acts, it becomes clear after listening to + + + that the group stands out.