[highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]The inspiration [/highlight] for this shoot is based on ‘Rain City Vancouver’. Since I moved to the Wet Coast (from Ottawa) I’ve seen my fair share of wet hair. It’s fascinating how a little rain can manipulate the hair into various textures of effortless beauty – so why not rock the look instead of frantically running the next time you forget your umbrella at home? Here are a few simple ways you can achieve these looks and not be embarrassed the next time you get caught in the rain


It’s no big secret washing your hair everyday strips away the healthy oils one’s scalp & hair requires. Start the week with a fresh blow out and play with some of these looks. They will get you through a week and by the end you’ll be able to start fresh again without whipping away all those healthy oils. For a strong blow-out make sure to use a good prep in your hair before drying – I love combining Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic spray with their weightless mousse Phomollient, the perfect recipe for a long lasting blow-out.

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Tristan 1 WET

For this look [highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]you will need[/highlight] a 1 inch barrel curling iron –ask your hairstylist to order you a professional iron, it’s the best investment & you’re less likely to damage your hair. Tail comb & a wide tooth comb.

[highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]Products used[/highlight]: Aveda Retexturing Gel, John Masters 100% Organic Argan Oil, and Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray.

1) Start by creating your center part with a tail comb, spray hair generously with an aerosol hairspray (Aveda’s Air Control) and brush your product through.

2) Taking 1 ½ inch sliced section of hair from top to bottom, starting at the front, wind your section of hair away from your face and around your 1 inch barrel – continue until you reach the middle of the back of your head, then repeat on the opposite side.

[box title=”Tip” color=”#333333″]leave 2 inches of roots & the tips of your hair out for effortless looking curls.[/box]

3) Break up curls with a wide tooth comb.

4) Mix Gel (Aveda Retexturing Gel) & Oil (John Masters Argan Oil) to get a long lasting all day shine. Apply from middle part till you reach behind your ear, doing this to your entire top section, and using your tail comb to evenly distribute product.

5) Secure with 3 small bobby pins back to back behind the ear, give hair a light spray, and get on with your day.

Make Up

For this fresh look, I wanted to keep it simple, yet beautiful. I wanted to bring out the natural glow in the skin, and focused on just that – the skin. To achieve this look, I used TEMPTU airbrush kit, mixing colours SB 002/003/004. What I love about using airbrush coverage is that it allows me to get the exact skin tone I need by mixing various tones. Everyone has individual skin tones, and it’s the airbrush makeup that allows me to have fun and mix the colours to get it just right. The glow is simply from using the SB (silicone base) finish. TEMPTU provides a flawless coverage that feels amazing without the thickness that you sometimes get with other foundations.

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Tristan 2 WET

You’ve slept on your hair & your curls from the day before are looking slightly dishevelled. Perfect! Get out your 1 inch barrel, wide tooth comb, a spray bottle filled with water and get started.

[highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]Products used[/highlight]: Aveda Brilliant Retexturing Gel, John Masters 100% Organic Argan Oil, and Aveda Brilliant Anti Humectant Pomade.

1) Gently mist your hair with water & comb hair. Make sure you don’t over saturate your hair — a light mist will do the job.

2) Mix Gel (Aveda Retexturing Gel) & Oil (John Masters Argan Oil), gently scrunch product into your hair — This will revive your waves, plus the great thing about Aveda Retexturing Gel — its flake free!

3) If needed, you can refine your waves with your 1 inch barrel.

4) Last, apply a small amount of Pomade (Aveda Brilliant Anti Humectant Pomade) to help fight any frizz & banish flyaway’s, while adding shine.


Make Up

To stay with the theme of this fun wet look, I really wanted to focus on bringing out one feature that tends to not get washed away (when applied properly of course) in the rain – the lips! Adding a simple pop of colour can really brighten up anyone’s day – even on the rainiest of days. I love that MAC has a fun variety when it comes to lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils…well.. basically everything to do with lips! I first applied MAC lip pencil lasting sensation to outline and fill the lips – this provides a great base to keep the lip colour long-lasting. Here, I skipped the lipstick to keep it simple, yet it’s the lip liner that keeps the colour intact. I simply added my all time favourite lip gloss over the lip liner – a fun coral gloss called Richer Lusher. Keeps your lip colour bright with the perfect amount of glow!

[box title=”Tip” color=”#333333″]Can be worn alone for an everyday look.[/box] [divider top=”0″]

Tristan 3 WET


1) Using the same techniques as above (steps 1 to 4: Look 2) you can achieve this look. Try playing with the part, exaggerating it into a deep side, and tucking one side behind the ear.

2) Add some structure to your side part by clipping (with pin curl clips) small sections in a scattered pattern while hair is damp with product – the messier the better; remember nothings perfect & imperfections are beauty.

3) Take your drier on a low vent setting, dry those clipped sections & remove clips. This will keep that pattern in place all day.

Make Up

I loved the drama in this wet look, so I really wanted the makeup to reflect this, but also to maintain the fun in this look. Grab a deep colour shadow in grey tones and use a deeper colour, such as black, to work the crease under the eye. Don’t be scared to use deep colours such as this – it’s all about how it’s applied. Crease brushes are a wonderful tool to use to blend. And when you blend the grey and black, it’ll help you achieve a beautiful dramatic look without looking like you got punched in the eyes. My favourite Crease Brush: Royal & Langnickel Blender C430.

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Tristan 5 WET

By day 4 your hair is pretty much in place. Grab some bobby pins, sweep your hair off to one side, twist & pin.

[box title=”Tip” color=”#333333″]Placing your bobby pins inward with only opening the tip ever so slightly will give you better all-day hold.[/box]

Make Up

Loving this dramatic look I changed it up with focusing on the contouring of the cheeks. Never be afraid to use blush…as long as it’s applied properly of course. Blend, blend, blend – it will still give you the dramatic contouring without the striped look you sometimes see. You have control over how much you put on, but don’t be afraid to add more to get a more dramatic look.

[highlight bg=”#0bf43d” color=”#000000″]MAC Warm Soul mineral blush – my fave! Gives you that perfect glow and colour all in one![/highlight] [divider top=”0″]

Tristan 6 WET

You’re almost there! You’ll probably want to wash your hair but if you can get through this week I promise your hair will love you for it. The longer you go without washing, the more your hair behaves and stays healthy.

[box title=”Tip” color=”#333333″]Make sure to use a good clarifying shampoo (Aveda Sun Care Hair & Body Cleanser – safe for colour treated hair!) by day 7 and make sure to wash twice, this will get you through another week.[/box]

1) Run your hair under water during your shower, take a wide tooth comb and comb hair gently; do not shampoo (day6)!

2) Use towel to gently blot and remove access water. Using your tail comb, part your hair as desired.

3) Mix Gel (Aveda Retexturing Gel) & Oil (John Masters Argan Oil) into palms of your hands, take small sections all over, and twist away from your face (on both sides) while applying Gel & Oil Mix.

4) Use a diffuser as if you are sitting under a hood-dryer (without disrupting your set) on a low vent setting and medium heat. If there’s no time to dry, let your hair air-dry. You’ll have great results.

5) Once finished drying apply a small amount of Pomade (Aveda Brilliant Anti Humectant Pomade) to set hair and vanish flyaway’s.

[box title=”Tip” color=”#333333″]Don’t over dry, this will help repel frizz[/box]

Now you’re ready to clarify & start your week fresh! For weeks when you want to keep your week long blow-out, look for a dry conditioner (Oribe Dry Conditioner Spray) instead of dry shampoo. They’re more gentle & moisturizing without drying your hair.

Make Up

If you haven’t washed your hair in days, you may feel that adding too much makeup at this point would just add weight to your overall look. Keep it simple, but beautiful. Your focus can be your eyes this time, and to tone down your lips. I’m obsessed with nude lips, and with so much variety out there these days (thank you Kim K.), I’ve finally found my favourite! I used MAC Creamsheen Crème d’Nude lipstick, with one of my favourite glosses – MAC Fashion Whim. Fresh, simple and beautiful!

Erum & Amber Sheikh are sisters living coast to coast working as hair & makeup professionals on fashion, editorial, commercial, and catalogue work.  

Model. Tristen Albert
Photography. Maurico Ortizwww.mauricioortiz.com
Make Up Artist. Amber Sheikhhttps://www.facebook.com/MakeupByAmberSheikh
Hair Stylist. Erum Sheikh. www.hairbyerum.com






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