New York’s Brooklyn Bowl

Brooklyn Bowl
Brooklyn Bowl

61 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York

Tel: 718.963.3369

The quintessential New York aura that attracts visitors from around the world is not an easy thing to capture. Themed restaurants from coast to coast long to imitate the incomparable coolness, easy going, yet electric thrill that emanates from a true New York venue, like the inimitable Brooklyn Bowl.

New York City is known as the awe-evoking city that never sleeps because there is simply so much to see and do. This is especially true of the New York epicenter that is known as Brooklyn Bowl, designed to meet your every nighttime, fun-loving yet easy-going desire, providing a warm, inviting atmosphere to either listen to live music, play a few rounds of bowling, or enjoy rich, indulgent comfort food.

Brooklyn Bowl Space

Some of my personal favorites when it comes to dining with friends at Brooklyn Bowl include the spicy, hot, especially saucy barbeque chicken wings, Brooklyn Bowl’s specialty ‘disco fries’ and the piece de resistance—the Nutella milkshake.

Brooklyn Bowl's Famous WingsI like to think of myself as something of a wings connoisseur, so trying these famous wings was a must; and after the first bite, I was head over heels for this juicy, crispy treat. Bathing in a perfectly balanced sweet, spicy, smoky barbecue sauce. They are both tender and juicy with a slightly crunchy exterior simply melt in your mouth in such a delightful union of flavors.

The disco fries are no exception when it comes to stellar flavor, with crispy shoe-string fries coated in a light gravy, mixture of cheddar cheeses, and bacon bits. I would call it a successful interpretation of Canadian poutine, but it truly does stand on its own as a delicious mess of gooey goodness that you expect in comfort food.

Brooklyn Bowl's Nutella Milkshake Last but certainly not least, the Nutella milkshake will rock your world if you are any level of chocolate addict! So creamy, thick, abounding with the hazelnut-y deliciousness that is Nutella without making it feel like you’re actually eating spoonfuls of the stuff (which I must admit I’m guilty of anyways). This milkshake is like none other, and definitely another unmatched Brooklyn Bowl creation.

Apart from the most heavenly, indulgent comfort food, the atmosphere is so inviting that you’re made to feel like a true New Yorker amongst the patrons, guest celebrity deejays that sometimes grace the venue, staff, and newcomers, who all circulate Brooklyn Bowl in a relaxed, easy going collection of diverse individuals, coming together to enjoy each other’s company. From the extremely spacious bowling alley, to the massive ballroom area where deejays or live bands perform on any given night, there is a distinct retro feel that will surely envelope you into a uniquely New York world to bask in, for a truly unforgettable night!

Pharrell at the Brooklyn Bowl

Photography. Adam Kane Macchia



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