Yesterday, for Valetine’s Day, two of the most mesmerizing UK acts gifted the world with stripped down covers of Pop’s biggest songs with stunning and emotional results. The XX tackle the subtle and overlooked Beyonce songs “I Miss You.” The track is written by none other than Grammy winner and everyone’s current favourite, Frank Ocean.
R&B is an ever-expanding and changing genre, especially in 2012… if you’re a man. Frank Ocean, Migeul, and The Weeknd all rose to higher notoriety and famethanks, in part, to their minimalist beats and crisp falsettos. They brought fresh sounds and perspectives and reinvigorated the likes of Usher, with “Climax” being a direct result of the Weeknd and Drake.
Check out Bat for Lashes gorgeous cover of “We Found Love,” the Rihanna song that the indie world loves to cover. You’ll be hearing and seeing more of Bat for Lashes as they promote The Haunted Man, released on October 23rd in Canada. Check out some other covers of “We Found Love” below from Coldplay and Bloc Party [media url=””