Last summer, Chef Rich Wilson and his fiancée Lindsay Gordon opened their restaurant “Segue”, in the Glebe. Backed by the guidance of established restauranteur Ion Aimers (of The Works, Za Za Za and Wilf and Ada’s), Segue received positive reviews during its run. As the name implied, Segue served as a transition phase before a massive renovation and eventual reopening as “The Pomeroy House”.
In recent years, all food trends have pointed to “going local.” But anyone who understands this concept understands that it’s more of that; it is about having a sense of place, a sense of identity, a connection to that which sustains us. Wine and food, are in so many ways the most basic and profound connective forces we have to a simple happiness.
If you don’t think true love exists, a visit to Stella Luna Gelato Café will make any non-believer change their mind. On the surface, Stella Luna serves up the best gelato in the city. However, behind the popular café is the love story of a lifetime. Tammy Giuliani was just 19 years-old when she decided to travel to Italy.