Many people fear the kettle bell. The uncertainty and fear of them makes them one of the most passed over gym tool. The benefits and ease of working with kettle bells are outstanding and really quite simple. To help you understand kettle bells and why you should consider working with them I have called upon Ottawa’s Kettle Bell ‘Guru’; Ben Johnson, Fitness Professional – FKA, YTU, KBTS3, Biosignature Analysis.
The abdominals are a fundamental core muscle group. Taking part in every physical movement we do, power shifts through the abdominals with each lift, bend, rotation, and when you balance. Besides any obvious aesthetic benefits in having developed abdominals, no muscle group plays a more important role in maintaining proper posture, preventing lower back injury and improving athletic performance.
These 4 upper body moves are functional movements that will increase your upper body strength and leave you with sculpted arms and a beautiful upper back. Each move is a compound move that engages a greater amount of muscles which uses a lot more energy than an isolated movement, thus burning more calories as you train.