Antidote features New York based photographer Francesco Di Benedetto’s editorial My Funny Valentine
Design and Styling: Veronica Spadaro
Hair & Make up: Alfred Lester
Model: Sarah Tansey – Wilhelmina
Photo Assistant: Alison Domzalski
Post Production: Cyril Biselx[spacer]

“Come in my child. I sense a heavy heart.”   “Sit.”   My nervous hand searched for support as I carefully sat in a plush leather chair in what appeared to be a small cramped room. “You have come to me with a tall order, why have you awoken me from my rest?”
Well folks, tomorrow is the day we have all been anxiously awaiting with our bunny ears, Miley body suits and Breaking Bad jumpers at the ready. It is the one day of the year it is socially acceptable to leave your house dressed idiotically in spandex tights and Superman suits, or better yet, as a slutty mouse because, you know, mice are slutty – duh.