James Blake is one of the most exotic and elaborate music producers working today. His distinct post-dubstep style and melancholy swoon has attracted flocks of people to adore his masterpieces. Since 2009, Blake has been consistently releasing music, all incredibly diverse and brilliantly crafted. He went on to win the esteemed Mercury Prize in 2013 for Overgrown, his second LP.
Check out Bat for Lashes gorgeous cover of “We Found Love,” the Rihanna song that the indie world loves to cover. You’ll be hearing and seeing more of Bat for Lashes as they promote The Haunted Man, released on October 23rd in Canada. Check out some other covers of “We Found Love” below from Coldplay and Bloc Party [media url=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZgsfK35WcM&feature=related”