I’m always in search of new sensory experiences to thrill my taste buds and enlighten my palate in the most delicious and exciting ways. After suggestions to try Navarra in downtown Ottawa rapidly accumulated, I had no choice but to try this Mexican-Spanish fusion gem of the capital city. Navarra is now at the top of my list in stellar dining experiences, and here is why.
[note color=”#000001″] Murray Street 110 Murray Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 5M7
Map Tel: 613.562.7244
murraystreet.ca[/note] [quote style=”1″]The art of salting, curing, and smoking meat,”as Murray Street’s Chef, Steve Mitton, defines charcuterie, is no easy task “It’s a lot of brining of fresh meats or taking whole muscles and being patient with it—either curing it in salts, liquid brines, dry brines, dry cures, slow smoking, long hanging times where you don’t touch the meat even if you’re tempted to feel if it’s firm or not.”
[note color=”#000001″] Victoire 246 Dalhousie Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 7E2
Tel: 613.321.1590
Map B-1282 Wellington West
Ottawa, Ontario
K1Y 3A7
Tel: 613.421.0089
Map victoireboutique.com[/note] I am not sure why, but I have never quite outgrown my fear of Dalhousie street. When I was fifteen, I used to walk down the street with a limp, cross my eyes and stick my tongue out to avoid confrontations or even eye contact with the charismatic crack vendors.
[note color=”#000001″] Road Trip 24B York Street
Ottawa, Ontario
K1N 1K2
Map Tel: 613.562.0992
roadtripclothing.com[/note] Located in the Byward market, down Clarendon lane, roadtrip features a number of brands that are defining Ottawa’s prepster look. The laidback interior houses brands such as Penguin, Ames Brothers, Ben Sherman, Joe’s Jeans and Fred Perry for men.