Le1f comes back again, after the recent release of Liquid with Boody and last year’s mixtape Dark York, with Fly Zone. The mixtape continues the rapper’s impressive record of crazy production and slick swagger flow that incorporates a variety of subcultures that can be found in New York. Le1f, along with Mykki Blanco, have brought homosexual rappers into the mainstream whilst having more originality and fresher production than many of the straight boys.
After the stupendous insanity that is Mykki Blanco’s new mixtape, here comes Le1f, once again, with his own EP Liquid. Le1f has started to garner a reputation for his avant-garde rap, most notably due to his sexuality, one of the upcoming gay rappers of the NYC scene. His previous mixtape Dark York received some major hype, which has allowed the even more twisted beats of Liquid.