It has arrived! The line up for Lollapalooza 2014! In case you haven’t noticed by the last few festival posts we’ve made, August long weekend is going to be exceptional! That is, if you can get tickets to one of the best festivals in the entire landscape. Perry Ferrell, (festival founder, and ‘Janes Addiction’ front man) has managed to put together an incredible line up.
With Electronic Dance Music festivals all but dominating the events market in terms of hype and production, it was only fitting that the great city of Toronto, produced one of their very own. Veld, a massive EDM festival that occurs in downsview park, has quickly become one of the best festivals in the great white north.
If you haven’t been to Osheaga before, your ignorance should not be considered bliss. With incredible performances in the 2013 edition from Mumford and Sons, Kendrick Lamar (the newest member of the ‘should have won a grammy’ club), and the ultra buzz worthy Wild Belle, Osheaga 2013 was an event that truly solidified the festival as one of the best that Canada has to offer.